Why Kate And William Are Under Attack

Are their royal subjects getting royally fed up with them?

Kate and William have sailed through with nothing but praise until this point, but suddenly they are under attack for everything from their work ethic to their clothes. This change in public perception came following recent photos of their ski vacation, which depicted the couple playfully throwing snow at each other.

So why is this a problem? E! News reports Prince William made fewer public appearances than his 94-year-old grandfather last year. On top of that astonishing fact, he reportedly doesn't even work the full hours of a regular job - he only works about half.

Kate's under fire too for the gloves she wore on the couple's recent ski trip. Apparently they are made from possum fur. How did her royal assistants let these gloves touch her?!

Here's hoping the royals have better times ahead after we get through this PR fiasco.


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