Why Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth's Relationship Didn't Get Hit With A Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are clearly back ON. And we have to say, Liam is the best boyfriend in the world. He seems like an awesome and incredibly loyal guy.

Miley has changed so much since they first met as co-stars of a romance movie. She was this wholesome and sweet girl when they met and fell in love, so to stand by her during her whole Wrecking Ball stage is kind of amazing!

To us, it seems like the kind of guy who would want to date Hannah Montana and the guy who would want to date the Wrecking Ball girl would be two different guys, but he obviously loves her for way more than her public image. He's been waiting in the wings through her ups and downs.

Maybe she realized that and that's why they're back together? We think this is a pretty strong relationship for all it's been through. What do you think?

We just hope she knows how lucky she is!



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