Why Some Celebs are Waiting 'til Marriage to do the Deed, and Is it Right for You?

It’s #WisdomWednesday and here on CRI that means it's time for your weekly injection of relationship advice from our very own Counselor Kelli.

Russell Wilson says this about waiting to have sex, "If you can love someone without that, if you can really love somebody without that, than you can really love them."

There are plenty of celebrities who agree with Wilson. Carrie Underwood, Adriana Lima, Julianne Hough, Tina Fey, Kevin Jonas, Tim Tebow, Hilary Duff and former bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici for starters.


In a Hollywood world that judges women based on their sex appeal and men on the women they've "conquered," where it seems everyone is getting it on, there's a growing number of celebrities who have decided to wait. But why? Could waiting to do the dirty deed increase your odds of a lasting relationship?
Well, for starters, couples who live together before getting married are 30% more likely to divorce. One major reason for this could be that couples who are sexually active don't communicate as effectively as those who aren't having sex. 


A new study done by the National Marriage Project found that the more sexual partners you've had, the less likely you are to be happy in marriage. In the study, Rhoades and Stanley hypothesize that "more experience may increase one's awareness of alternate partners." Meaning that you could be comparing your spouse to others you've had sex with in the past, or worse, those you could have in the future.

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Speaking of sexual partners you've had in the past ... how many of us have booty called an ex that we know is a horrible match for us?! Sex makes us more likely to stay in, or return to, a bad relationship. While women often confuse a physical connection with an emotional one, men are not likely to do the same.  

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While the choice remains yours, here's what the doctor recommends:
Women, men always want what they can't have, make them wait.
Men, now is the time to clear your browser history before your girlfriend finds this article and locks the chastity belt! 
Until next time, it's Counselor Kelli with your daily love injection.

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