Why The Obamas Have The All Time Best White House Marriage

Political views aside, it's hard to deny that the Obamas could be the most adorable couple we have ever seen in the White House. There's no doubt the two are in love and showing the world what a good marriage is all about.

The First Lady's got it going on! Michelle Obama is the picture of modern class, and she is making the White House look good!

President Obama always seems to be the first to take notice of his stunning wife.  

Michelle posted this photo to her Twitter account, with a caption reading, "For all the romantics out there." The two have romance down to an art, always touching each other and flirting. It seems their marriage always keeps them smiling. The two look the happiest when they are together.

It's so nice to have a couple in the White House that are displaying, for the world, what American values really are, and showing our youth what a good marriage is supposed to look like. For all of the romantics out there, we can't help but love it when Barack leans in for his signature romantic move and rests his forehead on Michelle's.  

The couple met while working at a law firm together, and now after 23 years of marriage, seem to be happier than ever. While there have been other great couples serving in the oval office, it seems that, all too often, the president ends up making statements such as, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."


Wisdom Wednesday, for this week, is to appreciate the love you have right in front of you, and appreciate the love displayed in the White House. We don't know who will be serving next, but chances are they won't come close to being as adorable as the Obamas!


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