Why We Love Kourtney Kardashian After Her Split From Scott Disick

For years she was the Kardashian sister known most for her strict and protective ways, her wholistic and organic diet, and her generally overly-responsible and adult ways.


Since her split with Scott Disick, we're getting the old fun Kourtney back!


Here's what we're loving about single Kourtney. She's traded practical for sexy! Whether it's selfies, nights out on the town, or fun fashion, she seems like she's having a blast and getting her confidence back for the first time in too long!

And what we love the most? She looks really happy. And she's still on good terms with her ex, who's also the father of her three kids. They seem to be in a good place as parents and friends, and even are having fun being together.

We sort of hope they get back together - now that Kourtney has found herself again! They are pretty cute...


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