Will Amber Rose and Terrence Ross Last?

Amber Rose was all over her new boytoy Terrence Ross this past weekend, packing on the PDA at an Atlanta Memorial Day party she was hosting. So will this thing last? Here's everything we know so far...

The 32-year old, who was in a skin-tight yellow dress and a blonde wig, was not shy about flaunting her new relationship in front of the cameras. They were grabbing each other, kissing, and taking selfies. No surprises here, since the former stripper has also been Snapchatting videos of the pair kissing in bed!

The basketball star is said to be shy, but he's obviously coming out of his shell.

The first reports of her romance with the Toronto Raptors basketball player came out in March, so they're approaching 3 months.

Our fling or ring verdict? FLING.

This relationship feels like it's all for show.


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