Will Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez Last?


Ariana Grande and her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez have been dating for 9 months now, and while they're only 22 and 24 years old respectively, the world is already talking marriage.

They - however - are not. So is this relationship going to last?

Of course it's not.

They're young, and from what we can see, he's brought out some bad behavior from Ariana (remember the anti-American doughnut licking incident?)

We can't really get over it because it makes us think two things:

1.) Mmm... Doughnuts.

2.) These two are really immature, and immaturity is the leading cause of breakups.

We also can't help but wonder how their work relationship affects their romantic one. Isn't she basically his boss? Will this power imbalance eventually affect his self-esteem?

We're giving this pair an expiration date of September 2016.



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