Will Ginnifer Goodwin And Josh Dallas Name Their Baby "Crane Rutabaga?"

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are having some trouble coming up with a name for baby #2. Don't worry though - Jimmy Kimmel's always good for situations like this!

On his show last night, Ginnifer explained, "It's hard. My husband's last name is Dallas, and my last name is Dallas. It's wonderful. It's strong. You can't do geographical locations with Dallas. It sounds like an airport." She went on to explain more restrictions of the name. "If you double D it up, it sounds pornographic... We kind of blew our two favorite names on one kid [Oliver Finley]."

Enter: Amazing opportunity for jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel DID NOT miss this cue!

He brought out two bingo hoppers - one with bird names and the other with vegetable names. They tried and the official verdict is "Crane Rutabaga."

Bummer. I was pulling for "Falcon Brussels Sprouts."


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