Will Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Last?

Rachel McAdams and her True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch have been dating for almost a year now, and things are reportedly going great!

They do everything together from workouts to brunch. Life & Style recently reported that Rachel basically lives at Taylor's house, where they frequently cook together. He also reportedly met her parents and it couldn't have gone better.

So now the real question is: Is this thing a fling or are they headed for a ring?

She's 37 and he's 34, so they're definitely at an age where they might be thinking of settling down. That said - settling down isn't something that Hollywood stars really excel at. Another thing working against them? Co-stars date all the time. Why? Probably because it's convenient, romantic, exciting, and even good publicity. Once the show or movie wraps, it often a different story.

We think they've got a bit of time ahead of them, but we don't think this is it for Rachel.




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