Yes, Justin Bieber Watches The Bachelorette, And Has A Favorite Contestant!


We haven't had much to talk about lately when it comes to Justin Bieber's love life... but that doesn't mean he isn't still a romantic in his free time.

That's right... he's been watching The Bachelorette, and admitting it!

So which contestant is he pulling for? None other than Chad! (Although... spoiler alert, Justin! You're obviously not watching this show in real time because Chad was eliminated!)

The Biebs posted this clip of Chad on the beach discussing - what else? - how delicious milk is!

You can hear Justin laughing in the background of the clip. He captioned the Instagram, "Good point Chad, milk is delicious. And yeah I watch The Bachelorette, don't judge me."

Biebs for Bachelor?!?



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