10 Reasons 'You're the Worst' is The Best Romantic Comedy On TV

By Jason Marshall


Do you ever get tired of seeing perfect pairings of even more perfect characters making perfect decisions on your favorite TV shows?

Wasn't it frustrating when Kurt and Blaine went on forever, even though it was clear to the rest of us they should have moved onward and upward into that awkward phase of sexual encounters that go hand-in-hand with adulthood?

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From Ross and Rachel to Buffy and Angel and Carrie and Mr. Big, the list goes on forever. 

Perfect couples make good TV and occasionally bad decisions.

But what the pop culture lexicon needs now more than ever is a sense of reality.

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And sometimes, reality means making horrible, self-centered decisions that always come back to haunt us. 

Thankfully, You're the Worst is a show that exists and - if you didn't fall in love with the hysterical FXX comedy last summer - we're here to give you 10 reasons it should be added to your DVR immediately. 



1) All of the characters are absolutely shameless. 


The show's central "couple," Jimmy Shive-Overly and Gretchen Cutler (played by Chris Geere and Aya Cash respectively) always say what they're thinking...loudly. Whether it's dripping with sarcasm or blunt to the point of being mean, you always know what you're going to get from the man with three names and his ginger lady friend.


2) None of the relationships are guaranteed to last. 

Lindsay's marriage is just plain weird. Jimmy is almost constantly being advanced upon by strange women, and Gretchen likes the danger of her emotionally unavailable, director f*ck buddy. 



3) Gretchen's bff Lindsay has an appetite for fun that rivals her love of breakfast.

Her marriage to the home beer-brewing, socially awkward Paul has taken its toll on her friendship with an untethered Gretchen, but the two are basically living vicariously through one another to make up the difference.


4) Speaking of breakfast, You're the Worst dedicates A LOT of time to the best meal of the day.

Jimmy and Gretchen love a pancake, so much so they manage to spend an ungodly amount of time (and money) on the damn things. And if you aren't familiar with the concept of Sunday Funday, you've been missing out.

Get acquainted with the gang's take on day drinking, and not being like Garfield, right now:



5) Jimmy's roommate Edgar has a host of problems all unto himself.


He's an unemployed, freeloading veteran who can't sleep at night because the government refuses to fund the medication he needs. He does have one killer recipe for nachos, though.

FYI: The secret ingredient is peanuts (for crunch). 


6) The characters are the most refreshingly selfish people on television. 


When told that loving someone means putting others needs above their own, Lindsay, Gretchen and Jimmy all respond with a resounding "EW." Enough said. 


7) Not to be forgotten, though, are the show's ridiculous supporting characters. 



Gretchen's work as an entertainment publicist blessed first season watchers with Sam, Honey Nutz and Shitstain. Sick beats aside, the hipster rappers are welcome any time they grace the screen. 


8) Crafty is a word best used to describe what Gretchen and Jimmy are when said supporting characters aren't around to support them.



Who knew carrots and celery were "basically" the same thing? 


9) Lindsay's killer karaoke skills will break your heart into pieces.



10) Season two starts tonight!

You're the Worst premieres tonight, Wednesday, September 9th, at 10:30 pm on FXX. You can also catch up on the first season, which is streaming in its entirety on Hulu. 


(Photo credits: FX) 



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